WAVE BOX (薛定谔的猫) 交互艺术装置

发布日期:2020-08-13 21:42
WAVE BOX (薛定谔的猫)
by Qpoint .LAB  奇点艺术科技 & JianYe display 建业显示 & LG &丽讯
Digital Projection / oled screen / Visual and gesture Installation / led light sensing
Edition: 2020(8.3)
Wave box
By qpoint.lab singularity art technology & Jianye display & LG & Lishun
Lishun digital projection, LG transparent OLED screen, visual gesture interactive device, LED light sensing
Digital Projection / oled screen / Visual and gesture Installation / led light sensing
Edition: 2020(8.3)
The experiencer stands in front of the transparent medium and controls the suspended virtual cube box to change the left-right evolution and flow of life matter in the huge cubic space. It seems as if this three-dimensional space is the miniature of a small cube box. But looking at the front cubic space through transparent media, the superposition of two layers of multidimensional space has made it difficult to distinguish whether the small cubic box contains a three-dimensional space or whether the three-dimensional space contains a small cube box.
The life material in the cubic space is actually the "Schrodinger's cat" in the dark box. Only when the experiencer touches the cubic box, the lighting of the whole environment will change, and the "cat" in the box (the life material in the space) will be activated and thus exist. "I think, so I am!"
The innovative display scheme of digital projection + OLED transparent screen + LED induction lamp + leapmotion gesture recognition extends the two-dimensional plane to the three-dimensional space, and covers the whole space with a comprehensive image. The wrapped picture scene makes the audience feel as if they are in the scene where it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false. It brings the audience a multi sensory enjoyment outside the space and shows the charm of the integration of culture and technology. "What a feast of vision, hearing and touch The audience of on-site experience was full of admiration.