SUN IN SKY当代艺术空间&时尚发布周

发布日期:2019-06-30 23:36
      瑞丽 · S U N  I N  S K Y   
      第 六 届 发 布 周 
瑞丽·SUN IN SKY第六届发布周暨SUN IN SKY当代艺术空间“超链接”艺术联合展
作为瑞丽·SUN IN SKY第六届发布周的分会场,联合OPENTOPIC开题、奇点艺术科技q-point-lab、MATEMATE美特、TheGiftBox天赋街头艺术研究所以及独立艺术工作室,以“超链接”为主题,共同举办本次融合艺术各界主题的“超链接”联合艺术展览。
SUN IN SKY当代艺术空间一层,进门便可畅饮“茶&炸弹”与“SUN IN SKY红酒”,趁着“今朝风日好”,蹓跶80年代“发展经济 保障补给”的供销社、无货供应商店与娱乐场所,目睹80年代的“本地大肥猪”,手搓经久不衰的热门桌游“麻将”,蹦跶80年代的复古Disco Party,与米开朗基罗的“大卫”共舞。emmmmmmmmm……往下滑,这还只是第一层呢!
继续乘着“橙光隧道”,进入三层,一路上会发现在这“橙光隧道”的墙上,布满生长于城市街头的涂鸦墙绘,当然这一段也是备受喜爱的“打卡点”。在三层,一个密闭不对外开放的空间,与绿色变异“章鱼哥”对话,涂鸦升级“卤味”。表面主义的延续,先锋艺术的释放,都在SUN IN SKY当代艺术空间毫不吝啬的向大众展现。
Ruili S U N I N S K Y
Sixth Announcement Week
A kind of
Ruili SUN IN SKY Sixth Announcement Week and SUN IN SKY Contemporary Art Space "Hyperlink" Art Joint Exhibition
As the meeting venue of the 6th Announcement Week of Ruili SUN IN SKY, we jointly organized the "hyperlink" joint art with OPENTOPIC, singularity art technology q-point-lab, MATEMATE, The GiftBox Institute of Street Art and independent art studio, with the theme of "hyperlink" as the theme. Exhibition.
On the first floor of SUN IN SKY contemporary art space, you can enjoy "tea-bomb" and "SUN IN SKY red wine" when you enter the door. Taking advantage of the "good wind and sunshine today", you can wander around the supply and marketing agencies, stores and entertainment places of "developing economic security supply" in the 1980s, witnessing the "local fat pig" in the 1980s and rubbing the enduring popular table games by hand. Mahjong, the retro Disco Party of the 1980s, dances with Michelangelo's David. Emmmmmmmmm... Slipping down, this is only the first floor!
Without the guidance of "orange" of the staff, we will find an "orange tunnel" leading to the second floor, enter the second floor, pull up a touch of "rouge", free from the "light and shadow", touch the "line and line" fashion form, shuttle between "guess design" and "contemporary life", feel the integration of industrial architecture and contemporary art. All right.
Continue to slide down into the three-storey space...
Continue to ride the "Orange Tunnel" and enter the three floors. Along the way, you will find that the walls of the "Orange Tunnel" are covered with graffiti wall paintings growing on the streets of the city. Of course, this section is also a favorite "punch point". On the third floor, a closed space is not open to the outside world, dialogue with the green variant "octopus brother" and graffiti upgrade "halogen taste". The continuation of SUPERFICIALISM and the release of avant-garde art are all displayed to the public in SUN IN SKY contemporary art space without stint.